About Trep’d

Due to a lack of quality options for entrepreneurs we decided to develop a new concept centered on knowledge, resources, analysis, education, and discussion of all things entrepreneurial and small business development.

The goal here is to provide a network of websites, apps, and other resources to assist those who are both new, with a great idea, or more experienced, but lacking the business background to go forward with their endeavor.

Entrepreneurs come from such diverse backgrounds that we sometimes spend more time thinking about the future and the fortunes to come, but we overlook the key element of putting those great ideas in motion.

The concept goes like this…

  • We will have four distinct areas of the business – starting with education through our TrepLive.com site.  Here we will offer videos, forums, and resources to learn about all elements of small business and entrepreneurship.
  • Our TrepStrap.com site will include all things financial and deal with concepts such as bootstrapping, fundraising, etc. that are vital to small business success.
  • LeanTrep.com will be reserved for our future written publications surrounding entrepreneurship.
  • This site, Trepd.com, will be where we offer many unique articles, blog posts, our small business consulting services, and other ramblings related to entrepreneurial success.

About our parent company…

Pearl Street Enterprises LLC provides world class digital solutions from our home just outside of Boulder, Colorado. Our promise to you is quick response and excellent communication.  We have a number of apps and websites in our portfolio.

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