An Entrepreneur Strategy for Small Business Success

Fellow Entrepreneurs,

I had a dream the other day.  This one was not like some of the other dreams I’ve had while pursuing my entrepreneurial lifestyle and eventual successes.  It was realizing that what we see now from the vast majority of startups and their founders is an overall lack of transparency, which leads to very few reliable resources to help those who have never undertaken starting a new business themselves.  In my moment of entrepreneurial weakness I decided to develop a new concept centered on knowledge, resources, analysis, education, and discussion of all things small business development.  I decided to get Trep’d!

The goal here is to provide a network of websites, apps, and other resources to assist those who are both new, with a great idea, or more experienced, but lacking the business background to go forward with their endeavor.  Entrepreneurs come from such diverse backgrounds that we sometimes spend more time thinking about our futures and the fortunes to come – all while we overlook the key element of putting those great ideas into motion.

I was raised in a very entrepreneurial environment as both my parents had been extremely successful in a wide variety of business arenas.  In my days growing up, I never really wanted to be anything other than someone who works for himself.  When I was looking at colleges the only thing I really knew I wanted to study was business and I had always felt a pull towards big ideas and the next great concept, so I picked the best business school in our region, The University of Colorado at Boulder.  Although I didn’t really grasp it at the time, I soon realized the Entrepreneurial and Small Business Management program at the school was very highly regarded, much to my delight.  You can find out more about my journey here.

A little about the Trep’d concept…

Through my experiences with businesses large and small, public and private, I have come to realize two very important things:

Business Transparency

First, that transparency in the business holds a great deal of benefit to those involved at all levels.  When business executives provide vast insight into the inner workings of what they and the company are attempting to accomplish, employees naturally feel a connection to the company and their products/services.  In turn, they are rewarded with the ability to share in the successes and raise their level of business confidence, rising to a level they never believed possible.

Empowerment Culture

Second, all members of a community, whether it be a large global conglomerate or a small Mom and Pop store on the corner, will excel when they feel empowered in their roles.  Let’s face it, not everyone is skilled, educated, or passionate enough to become a corporate executive.  Many people don’t want the responsibility in the first place, which is great for them.  In my experience many individuals are quite happy earning a paycheck that provides for their families and security for their healthcare and retirement.  Empowering employees to succeed, regardless of their career aspirations, is critical to a company’s overall success.

So the concept of Trep’d goes a little something like this…

  • We will have four distinct areas of the business – starting with education through our site.  Here we will offer videos, forums, and resources to learn about all elements of small business and entrepreneurship.
  • Our site will include all things financial and deal with concepts such as bootstrapping, fundraising, etc. that are vital to small business and startup success.
  • will be reserved for our future written publications surrounding entrepreneurship.
  • This site,, will be where we offer many unique articles, blog posts, our small business consulting services, and other ramblings related to entrepreneurial success.

I have to be honest, we could do all of the above with just one website and no apps, but like any great entrepreneur – I tend to think five or so years out so we may as well make it big right out of the gate!

I truly hope what is developed here will be extremely valuable to those who wish to join us in the journey.  With that said, everything we do will be completely open and transparent to anyone who visits – incuding our financials, our struggles, our successes, and the lives we help touch, as well as our own.

Let’s get to work, let’s get Trep’d!

Rock on!

Brian Daniel Young


Brian @ Trep'd

Brian is a Manager and Project Developer at a very exciting Colorado based company. You can visit his company at to learn more. His passion is sharing business experiences with others, as well as learning a bit too...

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