What is the Meaning of Trep?

About five years ago we started to see the term or acronym “Trepused to describe an entrepreneur or small business person.  The term Trep and its subsequent meaning has taken off in the last few years and we thought it would be great to point out some interesting uses and other information on why entrepreneurs are increasingly going by the short name of “trep”.

  • Trep in its simplest form is short for the business term “entrepreneur
  • Trep is a way of life – as in “nothing man just living the Trep Life
  • TrepStrap is a way of explaining the relationship between entrepreneurship and bootstrapping.  Think about it – “entrepreneur bootstrapping” is kind of a mouthful.
  • TrepLive is an idea of an entrepreneur community.  Ted Talks is actually hosting something they term TrepTalks now.
  • LeanTrep is a way of describing the concept of the “lean entrepreneur
  • Trep’d is something along the lines of entrepreneur slang, as in “I got Trep’d man
  • TrepCafe is a restaurant on the University of Colorado at Boulder campus located in the Leeds Business School.

There you have it, a short introduction about the origins of the word “Trep” as it relates to entrepreneurial and small business concepts.


Brian @ Trep'd

Brian is a Manager and Project Developer at a very exciting Colorado based company. You can visit his company at http://pearl.st to learn more. His passion is sharing business experiences with others, as well as learning a bit too...

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